Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Strange Whittaker Thing

I didn't realize that yesterday was my Halfy Birthday until I got home to a message from Mama on my machine. Matt apologized for not remembering and for not celebrating it. I told him it was okay, it really is a strange Whittaker thing anyway. A strange Whittaker thing that I am so glad for! I like to feel special more than once a year... :) So thank you Mama, for always remembering my Halfy Day.

In celebration, I went out to pick up the mulch from the day before with the lawn mower (works better if it dries a day or two before putting it on the compost pile), and in the process almost lost the tips of two of my fingers. Apparently, our 9 year old riding lawn mower has become old and decrepit, and even when it appears that the blades are off, they are actually still spinning. So when I had the mower on idle and was trying to clean out a clogged hose, the blades hit my gloved hand and I almost passed out thinking that I was bleeding to death or something. Turns out to be just a very severely bruised and possibly fractured tip of my ring finger. I am a very lucky girl. But it makes typing an interesting endeavor, now having only three fingers and a thumb that really work without pain. :) Joann and I will be the bandage sisters at the wedding. Kimmie, do you think that we can find black gauze somewhere, or would you prefer orange to match our daisies? :) JK

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