Wednesday, May 26, 2004

News of the World Traveller

Today Joann called me from Norway! It was so good to hear her voice! She was at Cato's house near Bergen, and he let her use his cell phone (said it only cost about 10 cents a minute). Odd picked her up in Torp, a very small airport in the area of Oslo. They spent the night at his sister's house in Oslo. His mother was also there. Then in the morning they drove 8 hours to Bergen, travelling part of the way beside the largest fjord in Norway. Tomorrow they'll visit Frank, and do some sight-seeing. Then tomorrow evening at 7:55 (that would be 10:55 tomorrow AM our time) she will fly back to Torp and at 9: something she flies from there back to London where her friend, Liz is. She'll meet her at the hostel where they are staying.

She's having a wonderful time and said she was glad she didn't have to come home when her group left, but that she will be ready to come home next week.

I'll let her tell you about what they did when she hurt her arm twirling in the ice 'palace'. As you could guess, it's pretty funny....

I just thought you'd all like to know that she is safe and sound and having the time of her life. ('Wish I were there, too! But then maybe she wouldn't be having so much fun...?)

Love you all!

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