Monday, May 24, 2004

Almost free!

Hi familz...the group leaves to head home tomorrow and I jump on a plane to London and then to Norwaz! Right now I am in Geneva for a few hours - Odd emailed me and told me that it's snowing in Norwaz, so we will probablz have to stick around the Oslo area...he sazs it's the coldest it's been there in Maz that he can remember! Mz arm is much better, just a bit weak.
I bought a Swiss armz knife the other daz and promptlz cut mz hair becuase it was driving me battz. Don't worrz Kimmie, I onlz cut off about 3 inches, but it feels so much better and everzone on the trip sazs it looks good - but I think thez are mainlz impressed that I spent 45 minutes cutting mz hair with the scissors of mz Swiss armz knife:)
I think I'm doing okaz on monez...I'll check. Kimmie, zesterdaz I went to a Starbucks in Bern and had a double tall caramel good. I'll probablz email when I get to London in a few dazs. Mmmmmwwwaaaaaaah!

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