Tuesday, May 18, 2004


"Water, water everywhere
But not a drop to drink."

(That's from Don Juan bz Lord Bzron (I think) for all of zou non literature majors).
This quote stems from the frequencz of desiring delectable water in Venice: surrounded bz water, but finding it hard to find anz to drink:).
I hope zou are enjozing all of the z's - in Switzerland, the z's and y's are switched on the kezboard:).

I absolutelz loved Venice, but there is no comparison for Switzerland either. It is amazingly gorgeous...I wish zou all were here. We arrived yesterday and I never want to leave (okaz, so I guess I'll come home for Kimmie's wedding). The Alps on all sides, chocolate everzwhere zou turn, quaint villages and houses, Swiss flags and szmbols everzwhere (it makes me think of zou, Kimmie).

Much more is on mz mind, but I want to shop now, so I'm going to sign off - Give mz love to all...and Mama, let Hollz and Aunt Kris know that Blake emailed me. Guten Daag (I have no idea how to spell that).

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